Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series

This is absolutely a must watch if you like nature documentaries. Call it "the mother of all nature documentaries." Stunning photography combines with expert naturalist skill and knowledge to create a compelling learning experience. Advanced technologies such as a new type of helicopter-mounted camera make possible footage never seen before. The time lapse shots of satellite images, showing the changing seasons, are just amazing.

In addition to the numerous features showcasing different types of natural environments, there are short bits explaining how particular sequences were captured. The patience and endurance of nature photographers is revealed in all its gritty and painful detail. Imagine spending a month in a cave in central Asia, waiting for some rare species of animal to show itself. Or following a pack of predators, tyring to catch them in the act of making a kill.

You will not be disappointed by the hours spent watching this incredible series, especially if you have a high-definition set. Makes a great gift, too!

Year: 2006
Narrator: David Attenborough (Silent Generation, born 1926)

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