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A set of new groups for Illuminati, fashioned after the style of the deluxe edition of the classic game. Print them out and glue them to your blank cards. What, you didn't get thirty blank cards? Guess someone's out to get you.

These groups reflect some of the new social forces and institutions that have emerged in these crazy modern times. Some of them have abilities which relate to the rules for brainwashing and propaganda, from the third expansion set. If you don't know what I'm talking about you're obviously from the new generation that's used to playing with the pretty color cards and the nice cardboard megabucks. Pah! We used to have to play with all black and white cards, except for goofy pink Illuminati groups. We had currency so flimsy you had to hold your breath throughout the game. The rules sheets were cheap photocopies with parts of the text completely illegible. You kids have it so easy...

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