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I always liked text-only adventure games; the only graphics I ever needed were my own doodles on the maps I drew to guide me through the storyline. I also always wanted to create my own games, which is why I am very happy to announce that I have finally completed a work, using the excellent authoring system TADS.

You will need a TADS interpreter in order to load and run the .gam file. You can get one at this interactive fiction site, or at the official TADS site.

I hope to create more adventures in the future, but for now there's just the one game below. It has a pothead theme, so please don't play it if you are offended by marijuana. Or by monkeys.

Reefer Island
After what you've been through, you could really use a bong hit.
   Unfortunately, there are some bugs and design flaws in this version. It can be quite trying to play and has the drawback that you can get it into an unwinnable state without any notice. It is possible to complete it. I can't promise that I will ever release an upgraded version. -Steve

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