The Vedanta Model and the Six Bardos, or Phases of Existence

The picture below shows the view of reality of the Vedanta model understood in terms of quantum physics. Superimposed on this Easter-egg like map is a diagram of the cyclical journey of the soul as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Each bardo, or phase of existence, is indicated by a red dot, and the path of the soul by red arrows. The gray oval in the center is the temporary mind-body, which consciousness sustains as a living thing for the duration of the second bardo, life. This dissolves at death, when consciousness withdraws, but the soul which endures carries impressions which affect the development of the mind-body in the next birth.





This diagram was inspired by Amit Goswami's essay Death and the Quantum, which is no longer available on the web. Also, "dhambogakaya" is incorrect and should read "dharmakaya."

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