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Avalon Hill's fantasy wargame Titan was one of my first strategy board game addictions. I started playing when I was a teenager, with friends in high school. In college I found more wargamers to play with, and even afterwards, during my wayward youth which was spent mostly partying and having fun, I had friends who wanted to play. It was during this period that I developed an interesting variant that I played frequently with one friend, and managed to get a couple other people to play once or twice.

Later, as I entered middle age, I had a smaller and smaller circle of close wargaming buddies, but did make some progress on another variant. But these days, deep in midlife, I have no one to play with. I still wanted to put together a web page with all the information about the variants and other creative stuff, so here it is. The last time I played Titan was in 2014 or 2015.

As noted above, I started playing Titan in high school. Here's a session report on BoardGameGeek about one of those early games.

Bad Luck in a Long Ago Game of Titan

In the 1990s I devised a Titan variant I called Tactical Titan. It's a version where you only play the tactical game, on a giant homemade map which consists of different regions matching the Battlelands in terrain type, with huge armies. It is best played with multiple sets to ensure a sufficient counter mix.

Tactical Titan

In conjunction with Tactital Titan, I came up with the idea of scenarios, which would be played on specific maps and would have goals like getting to a particular spot on the map to claim an item. They might have special rules involving creatures defending chokepoints or new kinds of hazards.

Tactical Titan Scenarios

I even came up with an outline for a campaign where multiple scenarios of increasing difficulty level would be played, culminating in a scenario to defeat the Sea King.

Cloak & Crown Campaign

Since items could be a thing in a Tactical Titan Scenario, why not have magic items in general in the game? So I came up with ideas for that.

Titan Magic Items

In the 2000s I devised another variant, which I called Campaign Titan. The Titan character in the game would be just that - a character like in an RPG game who earns experience, levels up, and gains abilities. These abilities would carry over to subsequent games. You could play this variant with either the original game or with Tactical Titan.

Campaign Titan

More Titan stuff:


Titan Fan Fiction

I'm not the only one coming up with variants for playing the game and cool new monsters. Here are some links to other people's work, which all have much better art than mine. I've also included a link to the Files section of the Titan entry on BoardGameGeek, which has many other variants and supplements posted by fans of the game.

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