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The Boomer generation (born 1943-1960) is the generation currently holding the most political power in the United States. They account for 50 of our 100 Senators, 275 of 425 Representatives, and a whopping 41 out of 50 governors. President George W. Bush is a Boomer, as is his challenger from the last election, Senator John Kerry.

Chuck Baldwin
Dave Barry
Neal Boortz
Geoffrey Colvin
Maureen Dowd
Al Franken
Thomas L. Friedman
Bob Herbert
Hugh Hewitt
Arianna Huffington
David Ignatius
Molly Ivins
Robert Kagan
Alan Keyes
Michael Kinsley
Charles Krauthammer
Nicholas D. Kristof
Paul Krugman
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Medved
Harold Meyerson
Michael Moore
Peggy Noonan
Bill O'Reilly
Clarence Page
Glenn Reynolds
Frank Rich
Lew Rockwell
Robert J. Samuelson
Thomas Sowell
John Tierney

As the only living Prophet generation, entering their final phase of life, they are in complete command of the values domain of society. It is Boomers who set the tone of partisan conflict and bitterness that characterizes our political climate and defines our age. They have the longest list of "opinion elites" on this site of any of the generations, and that list is just a subset of the total number of Boomers out there, making a name for themselves publishing their thoughts on the Internet .

In the world of careers, Boomers are the biggest stars in business and entertainment. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, is a Boomer. So is his competitor in the computer field, Steve Jobs - whose vision hasn't prevailed as well - and his legendary counterpart in wealth, Donald Trump, whose fortunes have been more variable. Popular movie director Steven Spielberg is a Boomer, as is George Lucas, who brought us the incredibly successful Star Wars franchise, which has survived from the last Awakening era.

Boomers have a strong presence on the web as the creators of online journals and muckraking news sites, and as the core participants in heated discussions on politically-themed forums. One very popular discussion forums is at Free Republic, founded by Boomer Jim Robinson. Two good examples of Boomer-dominated opinion and news sites are and For something a little more obscure, try News Hounds.

If you'd rather stay in the Boomer mainstream, and don't mind the "liberal media bias," visit the Washington Post Writers Group. Or, if you prefer, there's "neocon central," The Weekly Standard, the first weekly opinion magazine to be launched in forty years.

The list of respectable journalism web sites - plus idiosyncratic gathering sites and blogs - associated with Boomers would be too long for this page. But then, if you're reading this, you probably have a bunch of them bookmarked already!


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