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Generation X (born 1961-1981) has the greatest online presence in terms of sheer volume of web sites - or, in its own parlance, greatest number of electrons recycled. But they are limited in the inroads they have made into respectable journalistic publications, mostly self-publishing on eponymous web domains or - where they are really kings and queens - on the blogosphere.

Thomas P. M. Barnett
David Brooks
Ann Coulter
Ana Marie Cox
Matt Drudge
Binyamin Jolkovsky
Michelle Malkin
Ruben Navarrette
Ilya Shapiro
Fareed Zakaria
Markos Zuniga

Gen-Xers have by far the greatest number of sites appearing on the ageless project's collection of websites organized by birthdate. They have created the most eclectic of the web's vast array of odd creations - flash animations, online comics, e-zines, fan sites, user communities, blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs, and more blogs! And now, apparently, online magazines, which are not blogs.

Gen-X celebrities still dominate the headlines, even though they are getting on in years. In fact, the way in which this generation captures media attention demonstrates how it is settling down - in a Hollywood way - as the media tends to focus on celebrity couples starting families. Bizarrely, Gen-X is responsible for a tabloid trend of fusing couples' names into one word (e.g. "Brangelina") and we all hope this trend will not be continued for the next generation.

While not quite as successful overall as older generations, Gen-Xers have produced a few giants in the world of finance and business, such as Michael Dell and Abigail Johnson. The most recent wave of very successful Internet companies were founded or co-founded by Gen-Xers: Google by Larry Page, eBay by Pierre Omidyar, and by Jeff Bezos.


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