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Many computer aeons ago I was a Warlords II addict, playing on my Macintosh all hours of the day and night. I designed several army sets with the intention of eventually constructing them using War Correspondent 0.6. This was a very time-intensive process, requiring the painstaking production of an icon for each army type and much mucking about in ResEdit to incorporate the graphics. I only ever finished one, the Demihuman Armies set. In that timeframe SSG published the Warlords II Deluxe CD with a zillion army sets included, and now I play Warlords III on my PC, which has a different organization for the army types and new army abilities, so those old designs are kind of irrelevant. But here they are anyway.

Cost Calculation Formula

These army sets were designed with a consistent method for calculating the cost of an army given its strength and bonuses. If it were possible, you could mix and match the army types from the different sets and still play a balanced game. The formulae for cost calculation are quite complex, so I will only summarize them here.

   Base Cost = (Strength + Move Bonus) * Move Type Multilplier + (sum of Special Ability costs)
      Move Bonus is based on the army's Move relative to Strength.
         (The lower the Strength, the more Move an army can have before incurring a cost.)
      Move Type Multiplier is 1.3333 for flyers, less (but greater than 1) for other movement specialities.
      Costs are incurred for each Special Ability (e.g. "cancel hero" or "+1 stack in forest")
   Production Cost = Base Cost * Production Multiplier
      Production Multiplier is based on Strength, starting with 10x for Strength 1, and moving up to a max of 100x.
         (Flyers and armies that cancel cities calculate their Production Multiplier based on a higher Strength.)
      Armies that are "special" always get a multiplier of -100x.

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